Pravinsinh K. Solanki from NID India at HTW Industrial Design Berlin

gepostet am 16. Okt, 2014

Pravinsinh K. Solanki from the NID India teaches at the HTW Industrial Design. This is supported by the DAAD program „New Passage to India” with the „Universal Design Thinking” project (The project is led by Katrin Hinz and Birgit Weller.)

My First Impression of HTW Berlin, Germany.

Indeed it’s very impressive.

First glance at the architecture of the building (HTW) and the lush yellow green plantations gives a grandness in the space. It gives a feeling to start learning design one more time. The building is so inspiring and a perfect quite environment to study design. Also there is a very good fusion between the new contemporary architecture with the old buildings. It was very pleasant to see students from all over the world with different culture working under multidisciplinary HTW campus.

My audio guide visit to the campus buildings gave me the insight of the history of the buildings and the setup of the industrial area. During my walk through the campus, I discovered so many different industrial companies working on very creative works. Automobile, cable, boat making, yatch designing, event and set designing and many more industrial companies are located inside. . I really enjoyed a small store where student’s designed works are on sale. There is a special information area to guide students and assist them placements.

Mensa – the eating place for students and professors is mind blowing. You are very close to a water body and one can feel relaxed to think for new creative and innovative ideas. The place is very huge, hygienic, organized and very relaxing for the students. Food is awesome and a lot of variety to make a choice for lunch or breakfast.

Environment of the HTW campus is very friendly and found professor approachable. Students are very creative, skilled and have an urge to learn design. Classrooms are well equipped with technology and are really smart classrooms for learning. The industrial surroundings serve students as a very strong reference for material, finishes and new technology for the production. The in house student workshop nurtures the skill of the students and turns their ideas to prototype.

I Found everybody very professional and focus on work. Prof. Birgit Weller and Prof. Katrin Hinz were very helpful guiding me for everything and I’m very thankful to them.

It’s a perfect learning place for students very close to nature where they can THINK, Design and CREATE.

Prof. Pravinsinh K. Solanki.

Coordinator Furniture and Interior Design,

Coordinator Centre for Bamboo Initiatives,

National Institute of Design (NID), Paldi, Ahmedabad, India.