Unsere ersten Bachelor

gepostet am 13. Jul, 2015

Unsere erste Absolventenfeier !
Der erste Jahrgang hat sein Bachelor Studium Industrial Design erfolgreich beendet. Glückwunsch und alles Gute für die Zukunft!

My year in London

gepostet am 8. Jul, 2015

Unser Kommilitone Nico Tanfal hat den mutigen Schritt gewagt und sich für ein Jahr nach London aufgemacht. Wir freuen uns über eine so positive und sprudelnde Nachricht von der Themse.

„I have been living in LNDN for eight months. It is so exciting to wake up and realise that I am in LNDN. The metropolis thrives from the different nationalities, cultures, and religions. They are the golden key of this city. For the time I have been here I have found amazing friends. These people make my life much more interesting. I feel inspired and am exploring new ideas. I am constantly in a rush of intense workweeks followed by crazy weekends. The top priority is to enjoy the time to left in October. My daily work is fulfilling, especially with new knowledge such as learning how to work in lean production and how to use CNC machinery. In my practice orientation work I could improve a lot of skills and my way of doing things will only get better. It is not possible to describe LNDN in only a few words. The only realistic way to share my perceptions and experiences with you guys will be in our next semester at HTW.

Meanwhile I plan to make the most of the time I have left here.“

Bild: Nico Tanfal